Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here they are all standing in a row. They wait so patiently until I allow them to go into the front room. Plus, they did not get us up until 8 am!!! I was lovin' them this morning!

They got a meager amount this year, but were totally happy anyways.
{I do not like lots of candy on holidays, but not because of cavities and "hyperness b.s.". (I think holidays are a great one day every few months to have special stuff like candy, cake and chocolate fountains galore! Just like today. I swear they ate a gallon of chocolate each from the fountain!) I do not like it because we always throw a ton of candy away. I hate the waste! So at Christmas, Easter, Valentines, and Halloween I do as little candy as possible. Then over the next week I throw out a handfull every night so it is gone in a week. What a waste!!}

She let me curl her hair, and it turned out so cute!
Haley and Abigail

This was in front of my brother's neighbor's house. It was so dang windy at our house today that I could not do pictures outside. When we got to Cris' house they had zero wind so I scrambled for a place to take the pictures. This was the best place. I think they all look good... in their own way.
Adam looks so big. He thinks he is so big too (he just said no he doesn't). He thinks he is too big to have all of these pictures taken.
Notice he is trying to smile. Trying is as good as doing for Jason in pictures.
Haley LOVES her Easter outfit. Her skirt twirls so well, and the shoes are "cool".
She just took the best pictures today. She was all smiles. Now I just need to get her teeth fixed and then I will be happy.


The Queen Bee said...

Happy Easter! Great pictures. Adam IS getting so big, they all are.

reddirtgirl said...

Super cute dresses!

Rubymainia said...

Awwww. Cute. I was sick on Easter. But I still found the most eggs (and had to divide me and Henry's equally) But I got to stay home from school!