Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress

Last Monday Jessica, Kristen, and I went to pick of the bridesmaid dresses! I was so nervous. What if it did not fit? Then I would have been doing all of this exercise and eating healthy crap for nothing.
Well, it fit!
Not only did it fit but it looked much better then I thought it would. I was having heinous nightmares about this dress. Dreams like it would not zip up, or the color made me look like a dead girl (vampire: okay, dead girl: no thanks!), or the top falls down and exposes my non-existent chest. Well luckily none of those happened. It will need to be hemmed (about a foot too long) and taken in in a couple of spots. Hopefully taken in more once we are closer to the wedding :)
I am not posting a picture because I do not want to ruin the surprise!!

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