Saturday, April 11, 2009

March Update

Since I am a slacker, and I am way behind on blogging I though a quick month-at-a-glace would be the most effective way for me to feel like I am getting caught up. So here in 60 seconds or less is my month of March.
I went out with the ladies from school. Left to Right: Me, Jessica, Jennifer D., Jen G., Heather, Natalie. We had a nice dinner and some crazy 80's fun!!

Haley brought the bear home from school for the night. Yea!

We got a new couch. Thanks M.R.!!
(Yes those are winter/Christmas houses on the shelf behind the couch. They are gone now, so stop judging me!!)

I went out to lunch with the ladies from West Point. Left to Right: Lori, Me, Marlo, Helen, and Cara. We had fun talking about old times, and then like a few days later Lori had her baby!

Well, there you have it. My March 2009 in 60 seconds!

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