Saturday, April 11, 2009


slowly. ever so slowly.
where? where? where do i lay my eggs?
as i creep along the wall i can see everything around me.
i even see you.
laying below me.
slow steady breaths leave your mouth.
dark. moist. mouth.
i see the corner of the room. i change my thoughts to the corner.
dark. high. isolated.
yes. yes.
the corner.
as i creep to the corner the wind from the fan sweeps me off of my feet.
i am falling.
swiftly, swiftly falling.
onto your head.
you felt me fall.
you scream.
you jump out of bed.
you claw at your hair.
clawing. screaming. jumping.
up to turn the light on.
it is 2:14 am.
you pull at your hair.
pulling. yanking. still screaming.
i fall to my freedom.
you feel a bobby pin in your hair.
you laugh and yank it out.
the man in your bed sighs and laughs at you.
you giggle and turn out the light.
you get back into bed as i climb silently up the wall by the door.
ha ha, i tricked you.
you never even knew i was there.
i can hear you breathing. slowly. softly.
dark. moist. mouth.
i change my mind again. the mouth is better.
until tomorrow night my dear!!