Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

 On Christmas Day we were flying high, literally! No lines, warm weather! It was overcast but it was not cold. We were waiting for the sun like we had the day before.

We ate a lot of Churros. Well Jason ate a lot of Churros. So did Lewis. I mean lots.
The girls and I rode lots of rides.

We ate lunch and then we had chocolate and nut covered bananas. Don't ask. It was funny to us!


Oh! And we went to Bugs Life Land. We saw a 4D show. the same show that I had to carry/pull my children out of 3 years ago because they got so scared. Adam and Jason would not even go inside this year. Their loss!!

Ready to fly on the roller coaster. this one goes upside down. No thanks. I'm too old, or is it too smart to ride this one.

Just some pictures with the decorations.

Right before World of Color. Erin (Sam's wife) got sick so she was back in the hotel, Lewis was in the restroom and someone offered to take a group picture. So here we are:

I should mention that Sam, Erin, Justin (Erin's son) all got a 24 hour flu while we were there. Took turns being sick and staying back in the hotel. I am so glad that we did not get it!!!

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