Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We left the hotel and headed out for breakfast. Abigail "needed" some pictures by the tree in the lobby so I obliged while the boys and Haley loaded the car. These might be two of my favorite pictures of Abi of all time. She was so happy and grateful for her little surprise trip. Sometimes having girls is amazing :)

We went to breakfast and then the outlets. Then we started driving. We told them we were headed home and neither of the girls even suspected anything. When we got to our hotel in California we told them that Lewis was sick and I had gotten a hotel for the night in St. George. They were happy to stay and swim so they were all smiles (now the boys already knew where we were).

Headed into the hotel:

Knock! Knock! Who is there? Uncle Sam! The girls screamed! Why are you here? He told them that they were headed home and decided to stay in St. George one night too. They still had not figured it out and we were going to play along. All 3 of Sam's kids knew they were at Disneyland but they played along too.

Let's go swimming!!!!

I decided to tell them in the pool that we were at Disneyland.
Me: We aren't in St. George.
H: Where are we?
A: Yes we are.
Me: We are in California.
Lewis (breaking in): We brought you here to find your real families. We aren't your real parents.
Me: LEWIS! Shut up! Don't say that!
H: Really? Wow.
A: Mom. No way. What?
Me: Dad is lying. We are in California. We are at Disneyland! Marry Christmas!
H: No. We are in St. George. Are we really in California? When do I meet my real family?
A: Huh? We are not at Disneyland.
Me: Open your eyes and look around. Look at the palm trees. Look at the Disney stuff!

H: Yeeeaaaahhhhh! We are at Disneyland!!!

A: Cool. Are the cousins coming to Disney with us?
Me: Yes. That is why they are here.

H: Awesome!

A: Are we really family? Or were you serious about meeting our real parents?
Me: Yes Abi, you are mine! Thanks Lewis. Now we are going to have to pay for therapy for a lot longer!

We all went out for a nice dinner together. 
Let's hope they are happy with us as their real family. They are stuck with us.

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Jessica Stark said...

Love it! What a fun surprise!