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Monday, December 24, 2012

First of all, Christmas Eve! Yeah!!! We got to Disneyland early enough. It had rained during the night so everything was still wet. There was supposed to be sprinkles in the morning so we brought sweatshirts. It quickly got too hot for them. Here we are on the way to the first ride!!!

In order:
Abigail, Rachael, Uncle Sam, Haley

The Force was strong this day:

This was the best smile he could muster. Jason is not a happy little Disney visitor. We found out that the people and craziness was too much for him very quickly! 

These two on the other hand. Were like little kids, most of the time.

Abigail learned to slide down a handrail (much to the disappointment of the Disneyland workers).

Lunch was eaten at Earl of Sandwich. Yum.

Followed by NOT riding the Tea Cups. Everyone thought they might get sick. Babies...

Waiting for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Awesome! Classic!

Did you know there was a place called The Tiki Room? Well don't visit when you are in Disneyland. Blah. Sam fell asleep, and it was cheesy and kinda creepy, and not in a good way.

Sam was so upset when he found out the Bear Jamboree was no longer there. We did run into one of the bears though so we took a picture :)

This was Santa's bench. He was on a break so Adam decided to take a seat. the we Parkoured it out of there!

Went to eat dinner and then it was pajama time. After all it was Christmas Eve!

Girls are silly sometimes :)

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