Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Drummer Boy, or um, I mean Girl

Abi performed with her dance group at the Lifetime Christmas party. they danced to a hip hop version of The Drummer Boy. They were so cute. She worked so hard on her solo. I was very proud of her. Haley came for the party too. It was a pajama party breakfast with crafts, train rides, and Santa. Here is Haley waiting for the party to start. We had to be there over an hour early so that Abi could practice.

They seriously had the cutest outfits for their dance. They have a basic costume which is black leggings, grey and white skirt, white shirt. They added hats and scarves and drum sticks this time. So simple and so cheap!

Abi made a candy train:

Here she is with Santa:

And the whole dance team:

Here she is doing her solo:

And when it was done they got to ride the train.

And play in the balloons. It was a great morning.

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