Friday, February 1, 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This was our last day at Disneyland. We got the last few rides in that we wanted to get to. We rode everything and didn't wait in long lines at all. Longest line was Peter Pan. That was when Jason decided he hated lines and Disneyland so he and Lewis went for a walk to find a Churro. It was a warm, sunny day. Kids were all in good moods too.

You have to have a picture trying to pull the sword from the stone!

Oh Pooh! I love you! Eeyore is my favorite but the line to see him was a mile long.

Small World. Classic. The kids hated it. I love it. It was always the last ride we would go on when we were kids.

Group shot after dinner and shopping. We stopped for smoothies. I am the only one missing. Love these guys!

 That was when Lewis took some of the kids back. The older boys and Abi stayed with Erin, Sam, and myself. We wanted one more trip inside.

And my last picture taken was for Jason and Lewis. This way we can always remember that we spent about $350 on Churros while at Disneyland. I swear they ate 100 of them :)

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