Saturday, January 5, 2013


Our tradition for the past few years has been to go out to eat our mail meal for Thanksgiving. We have been going to The Grand America in Salt Lake and enjoying it very much. This year almost my whole family decided to join us along with one of the Woods girls, who was in town without family. Angel was in New York (where she lives) and Danny was well, busy elsewhere.

Here are the kids. Adam is missing because he came down with the flu! Each of the kids had gotten the flu the week or so before Thanksgiving and Lewis and I kept teasing Adam that he was going to get it on Thanksgiving and sure enough, he did. He tried to come to eat but as soon as we got there he was done and Lewis had to turn around and drive him home. So sad! 

With the large group they put us at 2 tables. The kid table ate nothing but fruit, chocolate fountain, cake, and breakfast items (it is a brunch).

 Here are the grandma and grandpa. They have come with us before and knew it would be a yummy spread.

I love that it was reserved just for us. I stole the sign, it wasn't like they were going to need it again, right?

Here are my little ones after we ate. Everyone stayed clean and Jason even attempted to smile for me.

Here I am with Abi. I just had my hair done a few days before. Jason thought it looked like a wig because it was so dark. What do you think? Does it look like I am wearing a wig? He kept lifting up my hair to look for the bottom of the wig to pull it off.

And poor sick Adam. He was fine 24 hours later just like everyone else. I did make him a turkey on Sunday to make up for missing the meal. I truly feel bad for the kid. It is never fun to be sick on a holiday.

After lunch we went to see Guardians with my brother Sam and his family. Then that night we went to Sam's house for some treats. 

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