Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who forgot the camera?

Day 6:
So we needed a down day so we hung out in the morning. We walked around Carlsbad for about an hour and then went to lunch. After lunch we headed to Toys-R-Us for the new Lego Harry Potter and Toy Story 3 games for the PlayStation. {I needed a game because I could not go outside. My eyes are so sensitive to the light (even with the clouds) because of the new medicine that they have me on.} We also needed another boogie board because we only had 3 and we have 4 kids. Get it? When we got back to the house my wonderful husband took all 4 kids to the beach for 2 hours and I got to just sit and play the game for a while. When they got back he got them all showered, dressed for bed, and fed so that the two of us could walk down and eat on the beach at a little restaurant a few blocks down from the house. It was a delicious dinner of pasta and clams for Lewis, and steak and veggies for me, followed by cheesecake and lava cake for dessert. As we sat and watched the ocean after dinner I realised that we had forgotten the camera all day and that we had zero pictures to show for the day. Oh well. Just know it was a nice quiet down day in the middle of the vacation. Exactly what we all needed. Well, at least it was what I needed.

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The Queen Bee said...

Wow! This sounds like an awesome vacation! Great pics!