Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lego Take 2 and Disappointment

On day 7 we went back to Lego land to finish the rides and to go to the water park. The water park is very disappointing. Too many rules and not enough fun. I even got into trouble for pushing Abigail in a tube through the lazy river. They wanted me to be in the tube with her but not 2 people in a single tube. They were ridiculous. So we left.

We decided to get showered and dressed and go to dinner and a movie. The kids went nuts and did not want to see Airbender. They threw a fit. So Lewis and I took Abigail and went to go to dinner and the movie. We drove to the theater and could not turn onto the street because of a big street fair that was happening. We decided to skip the movie and go to the fair for dinner and shopping. We ate yummy food, Abigail bounced, and Lewis and I shopped. At one point I said that we should call the kids and tell them to get ready and go get them and bring them back. Lewis said okay, but then decided that they had a chance to go and didn't. So we finished shopping, got dessert and went back to the house. When we told the kids that we did not go to the movie but went to the street fair instead they threw ANOTHER fit. Oh well. You can't win no matter what. :)

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