Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What? We have to eat again?

Day 5: Warning! Lots of pictures!!! On this day we went to Sea World. I first wanted to show you that we were completely wrong in giving away the stroller when Abigail turned 4. Ha! We not only have one little one, but two little ones still in our family. Here they are to prove it. We had to rent a double stroller for the long day at Sea World. I did not even complain because I did not want to hear the cries when they were tired. And yes, they did get tired.
We started the day with FLAMINGOS! They were walking down the sidewalk right by us. Perfect start to the day. By the way it was cloudy and the park was EMPTY! Yes! Yet another perfectly picked day to go to the amusement park.

Penny & Pete are so cute!

Wait... does Pete have a mustache?

Then we got to pet a turtle that came from Africa! I know! I did not even know that some turtles come from Africa! Lucky us! (This picture is for Katie! The turtle's name is Theo!!!!!)

Sea World does this pay once and eat all day deal. It cost us $125 for all 6 of us to eat all day, as much as we wanted. It was a deal because if you eat once it is $70 or more, so if we eat twice it is more then paid for. Plus all of the drinks, desserts, fruit and sides that you wanted and could eat are included as long as you get them from the restaurants. Here is Abigail enjoying her first cake of the day. We decided no rules on food for the first meal, and after we said fruit or salad and no chicken strips. They made great choices and actually ate healthy meals when it was all put together. Maybe a few too veggies, and a few too many cakes and cookies, but overall it was great. Since we were going to be there all day anyway, it turned out to be a great deal.

After our first of 5 meals we went to see the pet show. It was cute with all of the dogs, cats and birds doing tricks. The kids liked it!

Here is Abigail and Jason petting Rays.

We had fun riding the rides...

Playing with Elmo, Ernie and other not pictured fury friends. I know Abigail looks scared but she wanted to ask Elmo to marry her and changed her mind but thought that he might know already, so she was embarrassed.

These were Abigail's favorite guys. They are from the Cirque show. She was amazed at what they could do. They were the best "monkey, fish guys" ever.

Here is a picture of Jason when Lewis decided that it was time to eat again! He said, "What?! We have to eat again?"

Here is my bird friend that I fed at the end of the day. He would not leave until he got something from us to eat.

Last but not least Lewis took the kids on the water ride Atlantis. It is a water ride followed by a short coaster ride. Everyone had a great time except for Haley. She was not a happy camper after the ride. She hated it so much that within 24 hours after the ride she had Abigail convinced that the ride had made her sick. Abigail was crying and telling me the coaster was making her sick and she was going to throw up and that she was having nightmares about the coaster.

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