Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beach & Breathalyzer

Day 9: Friday was beach day. Our last day. We slept in for a while and went out to breakfast all together, nobody wanted to miss anything now. We took the kids to see Airbender after the change in plans from the night before. Then we went to the beach for the majority of the day. This was my view as I sat in my chair.

This is what the kids did:

They all had a great time. After the beach we went to the house, showered and left to go to the pier in San Diego. The kids wanted dessert and I wanted a t-shirt. On the way home we got stuck in traffic but it ended up being a sobriety check point. With signs leading up to it. What kind of police department does that? (We went less then a mile and a half in over and hour.) Who puts up signs telling you that you are about to be breathalyzed? Whatever. San Diego is a strange place.

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