Monday, July 19, 2010

Please Don't Go!

As I was packing Adam's bag for scout camp...
(Don't judge me, I like to know what is being packed. What was that? Controlling? Not me!)
Mojito kept climbing into his bag and blocking me from packing. He was so worried that we were going to leave again. He followed me everywhere. It was so cute and so sad.

For two weeks after we got home he followed me around and would not let me out of his sight. If I went out to the garage he would cry and try to follow me. We could not leave him alone at all. Of course I felt bad and took him with me everywhere that I could. He would sit by the car door whenever I got my shoes on, even if I was just taking out the trash. He is finally acting normal again. It is nice to have my little guy back. Now what do I tell him when I start packing for Cabo?

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Jessica Stark said...

Um excuse me!! When and WHY are you going to Cabo without me?? :)