Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

We got home at 7:30pm, unpacked the car and set up for fireworks. Since the state that we live is a strange and unusual place they do not do fireworks on Sunday even if it is the 4th. They do them instead on Saturday because someone decided that it is not a "Sabbath day" activity to be as a family and watch fireworks and such (I know, I am being a brat). So by the time we got home we had missed the fireworks both at home and in California so we did our own. We had a few really good ones but I did not take many pictures. They men managed to kill/blow up a Pinocchio toy with some fire cracker things that we got in Nevada.

The yearly picture of the kids on the 4th with the friend Ewells!

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Shannon said...

We did Fireworks Saturday and Sunday, so did a lot of people. :)