Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Safety At It's Finest

One of the times that we took the kids to a certain water park in Draper last week I was sitting in the sun working on some menu ideas for school when I looked up to think, this is what I saw. Is this their idea of what a lifeguard should do? As I was watching him twist his head from side to side and up and down I thought at first that he was trying to keep himself awake. But as he kept doing it I looked around at the other lifeguards. Several of them were using this, um, tactic (?) to "watch" the kids in the lazy river. So I decided that I needed to get a close up look at the lifeguard. Guess what? Half of the time his eyes were closed while doing this! Part of the time he was staring at a cute girl but just moving his head around. In the 15 minutes that I watched him he managed to miss 3 kids walking on the outer section of the pool (which is a big rule violation), one little girl fall off the tube and get stuck under the water (her dad had to pull her up), and me standing right in front of him commenting to him on how he looks like and idiot and is really not doing anything. Lewis and I had a good laugh but the more I think about it the crazier it seems. Is this really what they teach them to do? If you really watch what he is doing it looks ridiculous. Up, down, side, side. Up, down, side, side. Safety at it's finest? I think not.

(Video in the next post)

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