Monday, July 5, 2010

The Day of Surprises

Day 7 started out with the kids knowing two clues; beach and whale. I even told Adam that it did not mean beached whale. So the first part of the day too us to La Jolla beach to go to the tide pools. Well we were able to get a bunch of seashells from the walk down but when we got there the waves were too strong to take the little ones past the break so we just played for a while at the rocks and in the water.

Jason found some crabs and claws. He loved it.
Clue 2 was whale. We took the kids back to Sea World for an evening of fun and fireworks. (I will tell you about the middle of the day in another post.) Here is Lewis, Haley and Jason on the roller coaster that everyone hated the night before. Lewis got soaked! Ha!

Here is a worm thing. Jason saw it and said, "Hey mom, He is doing the traditional wedding dance. The worm! Hahahahahahahahaha!" He thought that it was the funniest thing ever!

We saw a couple of shows and before we went to see Shamu the kids got these:

We had a great 7th day!

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