Monday, October 13, 2008

Vacation Part 3

While I am sitting here in the airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota, waiting for my flight back to Salt Lake I am replaying the weekend in my head. I never had time to sleep, let alone time to post anything for all of you to read. On Thursday night I slept maybe 4 hours. On Friday night we slept less then 4 hours (2am to 4:30 and then maybe 45 minutes between 4:30 and 6am). And Saturday night I got almost a full 6 hours of sleep. And most of the time when we were awake, we were going full steam ahead.
To make this easy on me I will post a highlight list of the trip, and then post pictures and small comments in a different post. (Plus people say I do too many play-by-plays about my trips.) This is obviously not everything that happened, but it is a snap shot of the trip.

· Waiting in the airport to go to the hotel for 2 hours OR, “Where are you Paige!?”
· Heidi OR Men’s Ring
· Red Robin OR Could we get a worse waitress? OR Burnt Buns
· “I’m bored!” OR “I thought you were asleep, you were snoring.”
· Mani/Pedi OR “Here Kitty Kitty… and then I hide under blanket and slam door and she get caught! Ha-ha!”
· Pillow/towel thieves OR Angry Maids
· Bridal luncheon shower OR “Just show us the underwear!”
· Shoe shopping OR “How many pairs have you bought and returned?”
· Halloween OR Thanksgiving
· Meet Amanda OR I know you already from her stories
· Wedding rehearsal OR “The Big Chill”
· Rehearsal diner OR Awkward
· Bowling OR “53? Really? 53?”
· Karaoke OR “Is she tone deaf?” OR Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
· Finding tights OR “You really do know every song on the radio!”
· Hidden purses OR “The cops have been called and are on the way here”
· Visine OR “The Oscar goes to Kendra”
· 4:30am OR Personal Potty Moment
· Headaches OR Stomachaches
· Mr. Magoo OR “zzzzzzzz”
· Prom dress OR Filene’s basement
· Pop goes the loop OR “Where’s the nail clippers?”
· Our pictures OR Thiers
· Booby OR Butt
· Let’s play “Whose body part is this?” OR Aunts gone wild
· Centerpieces OR “Who stole the pumpkin?”
· Target OR Halloween pajamas
· Lakeview Terrace OR 90 minutes in hell
· Unbuttoned shirt OR “I thought they were eating something”
· Saran wrap the car OR “We are keeping the computer hostage”

Thanks for making this a great weekend. Love you all!!


The Queen Bee said...

K, I am laughing sooo hard. It was a good time wasn't it? I might need you to clarify a couple of them for me though.

kframpton said...

Which things need a clarification? You better call me if you want me to clarify. I am not going into details.

What happens in Connecticut stays in Connecticut!