Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Do List:

*finish reports for state that are due tomorrow
*pack to leave on Thursday morning at 5am for Katie's wedding
*do lunch deposit
*set aside school outfits for the kids for Thursday and Friday, along with party outfits for Friday afternoon
*eat dinner
*watch my shows that are taped from tonight
*find something interesting to blog about so people will read me
*get Jason to stop touching people's butts (any suggestions? more on this later)
*learn patience
*figure out where my money goes
*find a way to keep Abigail in her bed all night long
*wrap 3 gifts for birthday parties
*go to bed by midnight
*make sure Lyndie is set for while I am gone
*start planning our real vacation to Disneyland!
*tell you all how much I love you

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