Saturday, October 4, 2008

It is Over

It is over. Life as I have known it for 4 years is gone. The cushy, wonderful nights of lounging are gone. Gone for good. I thought I would be devastated. I thought I would be curled up in the fetal position rocking myself to sleep in a corner somewhere. But I am not very upset about it...yet. Maybe it has not hit me yet. Maybe it is the weekend so I do not care. Give me a week and we will know for sure.
Lewis took the DVR out of my room and took it back to the cable people.
HALF of my shows tape on that thing! HALF!! The other half go on the front room DVR. But there are too many to tape out there. Sometimes there are 3 shows at a time to watch so I DVR all of them and watch them at night. I do not like to watch shows when the kids are up. I like to get homework, baths, and reading done before I watch anything. It is nicer for the kids and it is easier for me.
PLUS!!! Lewis canceled HBO!!! I know! So no more Real Blood for me. and I was really getting into it. I guess I will just have to get it on DVD when the first season comes out. (Like I have time to watch a whole series at a time. HA!)
I know and understand why he did it and I agree. We are paying way too much for TV. One DVR is $20.00 a month. And HBO/Cinemax is another $20.00 a month. But that doesn't make me feel better right now. I am going to have to drop some shows. Period. That is the only answer to the dilemma. But which ones? True Blood for sure. I don't even get that channel anymore. I will re post my TV schedule as soon as I have it. Good Grief! This is gonna suck! (Vampire pun intended.)
I know. You are all thinking, Kendra! It is just TV!! Life is so much more then stupid shows! I know. I know. You are all right. But how do you unwind and decompress after a long stressful day of work, 4 kids, a hubby, the cat, dishes, laundry (that never ends), cleaning, vacuuming, and everything else that you have on your plate? Do you have a glass of wine? Take a sleeping pill? Go to the gym? Well, I watch television. I stay awake until 1am anyways. I might as well do something. (And don't say I need to read. I do a ton of that too. How is a book or 2 a week? Yeah, I read enough.)
So I will keep you all updated. I am actually feeling like I can make it work. Lost doesn't start until January, and I lost Real Blood. So that is 2 shows down. I just need to drop about 7 more and I will be fine. I think the MTV shows will be the first to go. They all suck and make me irritated because the people are stupid.
We will see how I am in a week or so. Hopefully I won't be down at a friend's house trying to catch the shows that are not taping at home.
Hello friends.
My name is Kendra.
(Hi Kendra.)
And I am addicted to television.
I am only Moderately Addicted to my TV. And I answered the questions totally honestly. How about you? What is your score?


reddirtgirl said...

At least you still have the other DVR. For a brief moment when I thought you were getting rid of it altogether I was TERRIFIED for you! No HBO will be a bummer if Big Love comes back on too.

Marlo Balmanno said...

I am with you lady. We are canceling XM and have already gotten rid of HBO. We are also cutting our cell phone plan in half. More cuts to come, I will blog about it later. We should just get together to watch our shows together like you used to with GG.