Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vacation Part 1

8:06 am Salt Lake Time

So the day started slow for sure. I got up at 4am after getting less then 4 hours of sleep. Shower, laundry, finish packing, and travel to the airport. “North” picked me up and took me. You know someone is a real friend when they will get up at the crack of dawn to drive you to the airport. So here I am sitting on the plane listening to ABBA trying to stay busy for the next 2 hours and 46 minutes. Here are my thoughts:

They are charging for everything! Why did I have to pay $15.00 to check a bag? I have been flying for 20 years and I have never paid to check a bag. The flights cost so much more, and they charge for everything. The drink was free (Pepsi products only! EWWW!!!), but for a bag of M&M’s it was $3.00! $3.00? That is just ridiculous. Who pays that? Even at the movies you get a big bag for $3.00. There are lunch boxes too. For $10.00! Not gonna happen. Oh you want to know what is free? The water that the stewardess spilled on me was free. Yes. She spilled water on me and then I had to ask for something to dry myself off with, and she gives me one of those little napkins that they give you to put your soda on. Really? Whatever. I am just glad I am on the way to Katie’s wedding.

This brings me to the subject of this post. My vacation. Yes, I am going on a vacation. I did not want to post about it before I left for fear that something would happen and I would jinx myself and not be able to go. I am alone on an airplane headed for Detroit. Well ultimately I will end up in Hartford, Connecticut. Katie is getting married on Saturday and I get to go (Thanks Marty and Allison). Lewis gets to stay home and watch the kids, and work. He is going to have a busy 4 days. Haley has 3 birthday parties to go to, and Adam is invited to one. Jason will just play with Cash and play computer, but Abigail will keep him busy. He is a wonderful husband for not verbally complaining about me being gone for 4 days. I needed a break. Between work, school, kids, and home I am about burned out. This trip is going to be quick and crazy busy (between rehearsals, wedding, dinner and visiting there will not be much time to relax). I am happy to be Katie’s “go to” girl for anything she needs. So my vacation may be a busy, working one, but it is a well deserved, much needed one too.

What about work? Well Lyndie has it covered. She is fabulous. We got the deliveries, and H.H. is covering for me for the next 2 days. Even Sanford did not give me to big a hassle for leaving. (He tried to make me feel guilty, but I know he was just kidding.) I really appreciate them for helping make this trip happen for me. Again, aren’t friends great? But don’t think that just because I am not at school I am not working. I have November and December’s menus to get done, emails to answer to parents, and raffles to set up. I will stay busy during any down time that I might have.

Okay, more later on. I feel like I am being watched and judged. Plus a little lip syncing just came out load and clear and I think people are laughing…

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Lyndie Perkins said...

Ok so work was crazy, crazy, crazy I will let you know one monday. Hope you are having fun. Lyndie