Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saw this on a blog and thought, "What the Hell?"

What if your child is gay? Could you shun them too?

This is a picture that we grew up looking at over and over. It is definitely ingrained into my mind. The arrows could not hit his because he was righteous. It is wrong to use this for state issues. I am sorry, but I don't like it. No church should encourage people so strongly to take one side or the other.
In The Book of Mormon how did the righteous fall? When they started listening to their leaders instead of the teachings of their gospel. When they decided that "someone" was the boss and they would do whatever he said, instead of just following the teachings. The Nephites turned bad, and the Lamanites were good. It can happen in an instant, without you even knowing what happened. I know I am not perfect and really not in a place to tell people how to follow the teachings. I do however know what I have been taught at church and I know that we are taught to follow the teachings of the gospel and not to judge others. We were put here on earth to choose. And not to make others choose a certain way. In the end we will all just have to answer for our OWN actions and decisions. Not the decisions of others.
Let it be and stop using pictures that I loved as a child in your Prop-8 Crap. Nobody can be FORCED into marrying people. Any priest, bishop, or pastor and refuse a marriage because of they do not feel it is a good union. If that happens then you find a new person to do the marriage. Calm down and start accepting people for who they are and stop judging them because they were not brought up with the same belief system as you.
What will you say when asked you why you judged others so harshly?


Tiana said...

The Nephites and Lamanites always fell when they followed kings or judges....they never fell into wickedness when they followed the prophet.

specialk said...

Yes but at some point they always started following a king or judge, better known as "the state".

The Olsen's said...

To be honest, that picture is totally cheesy! I love the original though; it tells a great story.

Crazy Family said...
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