Friday, October 24, 2008

I just came up with something to post about.

I will write tomorrow.

It is about appreciating your spouse, or the lack of appreciation for your spouse.

Oh yeah! It is on now baby!


Good N Crazy said...

Hey there! Thanks for linking to me on your sidebar.. Am LOVING your photos in a lot of the posts below!

Why do you call me Ms. Rogers? As in the opposite of 'Mr. Rogers' Cuz THAT is dang funny!

I am sooo trying to figure out what the 90 minutes in Hell post was about!

And now I really need to know what's up with your husband post...mean to make me wait!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Hey! Too much of a coincidence to have Carissa comment right before me? Funny! I am writing to tell you two things: 1... loved your Gardner Historic Village pics. We went there on Saturday. Did you guys get a pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie? I bought one for there and one for the road. They are seriously the best! Anyway, I took pics of the witches and then my camera died, so that's all I had to post.

Now for 2... Carissa and I started this little virtual girl's night out on Twitter. Do you do Twitter? If not, you need to start or at least only do it for this Tuesday night, because the theme is Twilight! It's gonna be such a fun discussion.

Visit our site at to learn more about the GNO (girl's night out), Twitter, etc.

I want to go to witch's night next year at GHV. Hear it's super fun.