Saturday, October 25, 2008

It Comes in 3's

3 names you go by: Kendra, Mom, Frampy
3 Things you are wearing right now: Tan pants, necklace from Allison, bracelet from Shar
3 Restaurants I love: Cheesecake Factory, Cold Stone, Cafe Rio
3 Favorite things to do: Dance & Sing, Go out with Lewis, Travel
3 Things I want badly: New clothes, lose 50 pounds, house
3 things I did yesterday: put away all of the commodities, watched CSI:NY, had Zupas for lunch
3 Goals: Go to Vegas in 2 weeks (it better happen!), move into a house, lose 50 pounds
3 Fears: mice, when my girls are teenagers, presidential election (BIGGEST!!)
3 things I plan on doing today: Go to Mama Mia-so I can sing and dance(#11!), Dinner with the Balmanno Babes, take Motrin (my teeth hurt!)
3 Things I plan on doing tomorrow: sleep, laundry, answer emails that are piling up
3 Favorite Holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4Th of July
3 Favorite Beverages: Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke Zero, Lemon Berry Slush
3 Friends to Tag: Katie, Marlo, Heidi


Gossiping Gals, Jyl and Carissa said...

Well I'm so glad to know of your love for Mama Mia..I hear you love Twilight too...hint hint

but where's the husband post?


specialk said...

It is coming...