Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Okay real quick. What do I do? Jason slaps people's butts. I mean really, he does. A slap as they walk by, a pat as he goes by. The boy is out of control. What do I do about it?

We talked to him last week and he said he would not do it again. But then today someone tells me that he did it to them and then ANOTHER person tells me that he did it to them too!!! What the crap. So we had a serious talk about it being wrong, and against the rules and that he would get into serious trouble if he did it again. We talked about boundaries and how the butt, penis, vagina, breasts, and nipples are "private parts" and we NEVER touch them on someone else or let them touch us there. He said he knows that and he did not think of it in a "private parts" way. He is just playing. But what happens when it becomes sexual harassment? Good Grief!

What more can I do? He said he seriously understood but what now?

Sometimes I know I am not cut out to be a parent.

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