Sunday, September 14, 2008


I took Seven to the vet for some shots so that she could get shaved over Labor Day Weekend. (I told you I was really behind on my blogging...) So getting her in the crate is a chore. It takes both Lewis and myself struggling with her to get her inside and then when we get to the vet she would not come out.

I felt so bad. She was scared to death. She was being very loving though the whole thing. She kept licking my fingers and rubbing her head on my hand. The vet said it was because she wanted to feel comfortable. She was really good when she got her shots and then I took her to the Kitty Spa. Truly it is a spa. Here are the pictures of the inside.

Nicer then my doctor's office. In the waiting room they had Animal Planet on with Big Cats playing. They offered me soda or bottled water free of charge while I waited. And the wait was maybe 3 minutes. It was the best doctor's appointment I ever went to with anyone. Person or pet.

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