Saturday, September 27, 2008

Go Out and Play!

We went to the park today and this is what Lewis did for half of the time:

It was National Go Outside and Play Day. So when the kids turned on the television this morning and Nickelodeon and Noggin and every other kids channel was off the air they went to the computer. And guess what? Nickelodeon and Nick Jr Online were off too! Amazing. So we went to the park instead. I think it is great they they shut down their sites (even if it was for only 3 hours) and had notes on them that sent the kids out to play. I love it.

Truth is my kids do not watch television much anymore. 3 of the kids are in school all day and Abi is at day care and they only get television if they come before 8 am, and then it is turned off and they are too busy all day to remember they want to watch it. Plus it helps it is a separate room, so they do not see it. During the summer my kids watch a lot of t.v., but they also play outside for hours, upon hours a day so I always felt it was a trade off. We went to the pool for 3 hours a day and then they would play with their friends for 3 hours a day outside and so what was the hurt of watching television for a couple of hours? I guess nothing, but I still felt guilty. Now they only watch for a very limited time. Adam and Jason watch in the morning when they wake up for 30 minutes and then in the evening they may each watch 30 minutes to an hour depending on the child. Right now they would rather come home and go outside to play with the neighbor kids. And that is what I would rather see them doing too.

Now the computer, that is another story. Jason would live on it if I let him.

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Lyndie Perkins said...

Sounds like fun. I am finaly a blogger. I set up an account it is See if I did ok. Lyndie