Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation Part 4

Thursday Night

So Thursday night it is decided that we need to go and toilet paper one of Allison's friend's houses. Lewis, Katie, Heidi, Allison and I all get into the 4 Runner and head to the store. Lewis and I run in and get like 50 rolls of toilet paper. We go strait to her house and start with the back yard. We used all of the rolls. Lewis has a great arm so we even got the tops of the trees. It was so muggy that we were soaking wet by the time we were done.

When we were about done Katie notices her necklace is falling off and the stone on it has fallen to the ground. It is pitch black and we can't see anything. So the daughter of the household we are destroying drives up! She happens to have a flashlight in the back of her car and with the help of the light I find the diamond almost immediately.

Your welcome, by the way. So while she was there laughing at our antics she took a few pictures of our little group.
So as we are driving away someone decides that it would be fun to buy plastic wrap and wrap Allison's sister's car. So we run to the gas station (the only thing open after midnight. Yeah, strange I know. I can go to all of our grocery and Walmart stores 24 hours) and get their stock of plastic wrap. We wrap the car and then head inside to use the potty in Paige's hotel room. So here we are banging on the door that we think is theirs, after midnight. We are laughing at the noises coming from the other hotel rooms and having a great time. Long story short we all get in the room and they have been totally asleep for a while!
Don't worry! I will not put the one on where you can see your faces!


Rubymainia said...

Was it fun?

Tennessee Sigmans said...

Glad you did not find our hotel room and car! :-)

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

I remember when Lewis and Ken TP'ed my house. That sucked. But I bet it was fun!