Saturday, August 30, 2008



Day care is going. Just going. It is getting better. For the first week she cried every morning when I left her. The second week we found that when she misses me she will put on her special chap stick and feel better. So for 2 days I went to get her and she was covered in chap stick. The next 2 days it was less and by Friday she was not even wearing it. She still needs to take it with her to feel better but she doesn't need to put it on as often. By this last week she was going in without crying but she need about a dozen hugs and about 20 kisses. She is sad in the morning but she gets better by lunch, or so they tell me. She is making friends and she likes her teachers. I am not really worried, just sad that my baby is sad.


Last week was the first week of school. Adam and Jason started on Tuesday the 19Th. Abigail was at day care and Haley was... well Haley did not have school start for her until Tuesday the 26Th. So my mom was going to watch her for the week but she got very sick and Haley was in limbo. I tried to get her into the drop in day care for the week at Abi's day care but they were full. At the last minute we got Marlo to watch her for Tuesday and Wednesday and Lewis had to take Thursday and Friday off from work to stay home with her. Then on Monday my mom was finally well enough to stay with her for the day. When it was FINALLY time for her to go to school she was very excited. She picked out her clothes and was happy to have her hair done (for once in her life!). She looked very big and ready for school with her backpack. She is fitting in fine and already has a "boyfriend"! But she says she won't kiss him because, "boys have cooties and they are gross and smelly".


Jason stated 2ND grade. The past 2 years on the first day of school for him he was extremely nervous. This year he did great. He loves his teacher and his teacher's aide. His teacher Miss Margaret, and her aide "Grandma" are both, um... senior citizens. Grandma is actually like 82 years old or something like that. She is fabulous with the kids and she helps Jason so much. They both have special relationships with him. I do not have any worries about him academically this year. They are going to do 1 on 1 reading with him so that he does not have to go to "resource". He is doing great with everything else. Reading, writing and math. He pays attention and follows the rules. I am extremely proud of his actions and behaviors this first couple of weeks of school.


Adam is now in 5Th grade. He has the same teacher as 4Th grade because he is in a "looping class". So he still has most of the same kids and friends in his class as last year. He has already had a homework project to build a Cherokee Indian dwelling. IN ONE NIGHT!!! For goodness sakes! It actually was really easy and got it done in about 10 minutes but still when I read that on the homework I almost died. A really big project in one night during the first 2 weeks of school, is too much. Especially since I had back to school night the same night! Anyways Adam is doing fine. He got back in the swing of things very easily and seems to be happy having a schedule again. I just wish he would broaden his circle of friends... but I do not want to tell him who to hang out with. He usually make good decisions so I will leave him to it for now.... for now.


I am starting to adjust to working. I work 5 days a week now and the hardest part is never having a day to catch up on the laundry and TV shows that I tape all week long. I usually watch all of my taped shows while I fold all of the laundry from the week, but now I do not have an open day. I will get the hang of it though. I was tired for about a week because I am getting up about 3 hours earlier then I was during the summer, that will pass. Work is the same. I am much happier this year though. No drama or arguing. Lyndie is fabulous and I am so glad that she is my staff.


The new job is good. He went to lunch with his buddies from the Jazz and the other guy that left the Jazz has already quit his new job and is searching again. The guys from the Jazz are hating life, saying it is worse and worse. When they asked Lewis how his job was going he had to tell the truth. It is great. Boy are we glad that he took the chance and the job when it was offered.

So life is getting back into a routine. I am looking forward to the fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving. With Lewis working close to home, and me 5 days a week at the school life is different, but it is good too.


Anonymous said...

hey you should be looking forward to something else in the fall too~!!!

The Olsen's said...

Glad to hear that Jason is doing well! Tell him I miss him and that I am SO proud of him for doing so well during his first week of school! said...

sorry Kendra I am behind, what new job for Lewis? Your kids are getting so big and so cute!