Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things to Remember from Last Night...

* Don't order meatloaf at a diner, while sitting outside on a slanted area with questionable decor
* Carafe's are tricky
* The salad has too much dressing
* Remind "j" not to get the Caprice Salad :)
* Always carry Gas X
* Don't were sandals
* The dog really does like me best
* Can we talk about ANYTHING except for school?
* The roommate likes her pizza
* The boyscout is stranger then anticipated
* Spazmatics have been around for 4 or 6 years... I really wasn't paying attention
* "J" 's cousin is insane crazy fun
* Tropical Theme? Really?
* "S" is hilarious
* Your phone can stay in the car
* Women want an emotional commitment and men want to give a financially stable commitment
* 80's music really is good
* Girls just want to have fun
* Cigarette smoke stinks YUCK!!
* Remember the earplugs
* Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the name of the movie
* Cougars are cool
* We should have gone to Dees
* We teach and mold the future leaders of the world... God Help us All!!!

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