Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair I Am...

Last week I went to the SNAU Conference (School Nutrition Association of Utah). It was held in northern Utah. Every morning I got up and drove the hour to get to the conference. I had some really good classes on new guidelines (most of which our school is already doing), the need for uniforms (we will have to start that next year), salt intake, phone etiquette, and dealing with rude, out of control parents. Wow, it was a great time. But that is not what this post is about. This post is about the hair that I saw at the conference.
Oh. My. Gosh. I have four pictures and they are all interesting. All of them include a great hair style and one includes a great suit as well! All I can say is Enjoy!
#1. I actually know this lady. She works for the state of Utah in the Child Nutrition area that focuses on day care situations. I like to call her mom. Yes, like my mom, Donna. Her hair is gray. She doesn't dye it although is she did she would look 10 years younger. (I have gone prematurely gray and I will NEVER allow people to see it!) The other reason is that her hair has not been cut in 30 years! Yes, I asked her. I don't know if you can tell but she has it braided and then slinked back and forth in a figure 8 four times! I know crazy long! When it is down she sits on it or gets it caught in stuff.

#2. This is a typical Utah hair style. I just hate it so I decided to add it to my line up of crazy things that I saw. Her hair is gray also, but it is dyed that way! What?? Yes she most likely thinks that it looks blond. Guess what? It doesn't!! It is also so teased that you can see the knots under the top layer of hair. Nice.
#3. This is my all time favorite nasty hair. It looks like a butt with a comb over. Why don't her friends tell her that she looks like this. This one is just sad.

#4. I am calling her "The one that got away... thank goodness". Wow. The suit is a red velvet (yes I said red velvet!!!) two piece with a corresponding top that matches the lining on the jacket. She was wearing men's dress shoes with this. And yes, she is jumping rope.

There we have the 2010 SNAU. Thanks for attending!


Natalie said...

Hahahaha. I love that this is all at the lunch lady conference!

Isn't the Utah hair do what msot of the CH moms have??? :) Watch out!

Ashley said...

I actually put gray in my hair... Call me crazy.