Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vegas Baby!

Since this blog will one day be used for a tell-all book about my life I thought that I would add some posts about our family vacation. This way people will actually think that we liked to be together and that we had fun when we were together. So here it it. Day 1:
We rode in the car from Salt Lake to Nevada. Yea. We stopped in St. George for ice cream at the outlets and I did a little shopping, like 15 minutes worth. It was 104 and the kids were dying of heat. On to...
We got in and went to dinner and bowling with the kids. No late night for us. Vegas sure is different when you have four kids with you.
Day 2: Funny thing about day two. Lewis is missing. I know. The minute we got to Vegas he started to feel sick and he literally spent one whole day and night in bed and in the bathroom vomiting!! Sick, I know! So as the wonderful mother that I am (cricket sounds) I felt that it was my duty to take the kids to have a great day. We managed to get breakfast, go swimming, shower and get dressed, go to the mall for lunch and some shopping, head to the strip (yes, I took 4 children to the strip alone!!!), go to the M&M store, walk through MGM to see the lions and to see what a casino looks like inside, head back to the hotel, swim some more and then get dressed and ready for dinner all by myself. Wow. That made me tired just to type it. Here are some pics for you to see while I rest...

After all of that Lewis felt good enough to join us for dinner, although he did not eat much of anything and the rest of us were tired from the long day of fun that we had enjoyed. It was a good beginning of the trip. Something always has to go wrong on vacay, right?

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