Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Legos and Lifeguards

Day 4: We woke up early, had breakfast and headed out to Legoland. We had a week pass so we decided to do a few half days as to not get burned out. We got there when they opened and it was empty! It was so nice. The longest wait for a ride was maybe 5 minutes.

After spending over $80 on lunch we decided to leave and go to the beach for the afternoon because it was so sunny and warm. By the time we got there it was cloudy and windy. Funny. We set up our space just in time for the lifeguards to tell us to move because of the surfers. So we moved. I understand and follow all reasonable rules. Then we set up in the official swimming section and the kids went to swim with Lewis. I was settling in to read my book and a lifeguard comes over and and starts talking to me. I am paying no attention to what he is saying until I hear the words, "thanks for being willing to move...". WHAT? I had just moved here and I was all set. I don't want to move. My husband is in the water. I have to do what? I don't want to get up. Fine. By the way lifeguard, you suck. Okay, so I moved the 12 chairs, 3 blankets, 2 tons of beach toys, 6 coolers, 5 umbrellas and 27 towels all by myself to the newly approved spot... 4 feet to the right. Happy Lifeguard? Thanks for the help. Did I mention, you suck? Whatever. Have a good day. So I set it up and read my book and watched while he made other people move their whole setup too. As they got angry and moved their stuff I gave them the nod of understanding. Why don't they just set up some cones or flags?
The kids had a great time anyway. After two hours I had had enough and so we headed back to the house. We have no pictures from the beach from this day because Lewis forgot the camera. (Hey! I have to blame someone right?)
{Oh, did I mention that the house we rented was just across the street from the beach? Hey dad, why did we never get to stay somewhere like this when I was growing up? (Adam said it is because we had no money growing up. Ha! He is a character. Reading this over my shoulder while I type. Go to bed Adam.) We always camped and showered in the pool at the campsite. I have good memories though. It was fun and we had a great vacation almost every summer.}

After we got back we rented a movie and got Chinese take out for dinner. It was good and the kids actually liked the noodles. Thank heaven for small favors.

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