Friday, May 28, 2010

NYPD Pizza

After Abigail had her year end program for Kindergarten we went out to dinner at NYPD Pizza in Draper. I know, I hate pizza, but their pizza is good. It is baked in a real pizza oven and the crust is just yummy!
So we are eating and in come 2 Utah State Troopers. Abigail starts turning around and is giggling. She tells me that she wants their autograph because they are famous. Then 2 more come in and she is about busting out of her seat. 4 celebrities! Then right as we get our pizza 3 more come in! Oh my gosh, now there are 7 of them and she is jumping up to go to the bathroom and "wash her hands" every 2 minutes. So I tell her to go and ask them if she can have her picture taken with them. They say yes of course and then she gets all shy and will not do it. I was bummed but whatever right? So as we are leaving about 5 minutes later she says to me that she is going to back up next to them and I am supposed to take her picture with them behind her. So I did. Little did she know that 3 of them heard her and turned to smile at her.

Then as we walked away they all said Goodbye Abigail! She was in heaven!!!!
Isn't it cute that she looks at police as famous celebrities that help people.
Oh to be 5 again!

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