Monday, May 17, 2010


Do you sit next to your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other when you go to dinner? If you do then I just thing that is WEIRD!!!! Seriously. How do you talk to each other? Look at these two:

They never talked or hardly looked at each other. How do you talk to each other this way? how can you enjoy your meal and being together? I get that you want to sit next to each other and have a romantic meal (at Red Robin? Whatever!!) but please. Sitting next to each other not only is a strange complicated way of eating but it looks strange too. And by the end of the night you go home with a crick in the neck.
So tell me bloggers: Do you sit next to or across on your dates?
I sit across.


CBalmanno said...

Across. That thing they're doing sitting next to each other in a booth is wierd.

It may also be a controlling thing. Maybe he wants to keep her stuck on the inside. It could be very telling about the relationship.

Tiana said... I love to sit across. When I married my husband he loved to sit next to weirded me out the first time but he wanted to be able to touch the whole time...I know that might be TMI...but his love language is touch. Anyway after a few times of doing this I convinced him that I could still touch him across the table or under the table and get a good conversation out of him at the same time....since my love language is quality time. I can happily say that we now sit across from each other but when we are with another couple he is ecstatic because he gets to sit next to me.

Shannon said...

Hahaha!! My ex boyfriend ALWAYS would sit next to me when we'd go out, until I finally told him how much it bothers me. He felt bad...but I hated it! Probably why I didn't marry him...amongst many other things. Lol! I love sitting across from my hub. It's nice to look at him and chat. :)

Diana Croshaw said...

I always sit across as well. It's just weird not too.