Monday, May 17, 2010

Kristen Got Married!

Since Kristen got married this weekend, Jess drove down from Idaho so that she could go to her wedding reception in Sandy. So Jess, Natalie* and I stopped by for a quick hello to wish her the best. Congrats K!!!! She looked beautiful. Strangely enough her and her husband kinda looked like brother and sister. Don't worry no relation, but still how will they know who their kids look like, mom or dad?

*Did you notice that Natalie is wearing navy blue tights with a black and white outfit? Crazy right?


Natalie said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!
I look like I am going to a funeral!

Miss Kendra said...

It is alright. My legs look like two giant hams.

Diana Croshaw said...

This is a cute picture of all of you! And for the record, ANYONE looks like they have 2 giant hams for legs when standing next to Natalie!!! Just saying!