Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful. I received a ton of wonderful gifts from my kids and Lewis. As you can see I received a candy machine full of not gumballs, but it was full of Gobstoppers!!! Yea!!! Do they know me or what? And the best thing? Now if my kids want to steal my candy then they have to pay for it! Yes!
I also got a new handheld point and click camera from Lewis. I kept complaining about how my nice camera was too big to carry around in my purse so he got me a cute blue tiny one that works really well. Thanks honey!
Adam got me the newest soundtrack to Glee. It is the Madonna episode soundtrack. I would love it no matter what, but having it come from my 12 year old son that hates my kind of music, means so much to me!
Jason and Haley both planted me pots for mother's day. It was very sweet and kind. I loved it so much that I accepted the blame when the dog knocked them over to eat the plants and spread dirt all over the floor, the clean clothes and the red couch.
Abi made me a necklace at school. It was a heart with a small "diamond" in the middle. She wrote a card that said,"You are the sparkle in my heart."
I don't think that I express how much I love and appreciate being mom to these 4 kids. I know that I am blessed to have these 4 as mine. They do mean the world to me. I guess I will keep them... and the dog too.

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