Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Birthday!

I turned 29 last Tuesday. Man it is hard getting old. I am not going to talk much about it except to say thanks for the best gifts in the world. First of all my wonderful husband got me a big bunch of this:

Delicious!I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting these. I know that they are a bit pricey but it is a great gift that I can share at work and with the kids afterward. It is healthy (a little chocolate is good right?) and it isn't a thing that gets forgotten about to collect dust.

The second thing that I got made me laugh and smile for hours. Remember when I wrote all about my Gobstopper obsession? Well at one point I said that I wish that I could get them by the truck load. Well my wish came true:

This was the creative thinking of a lady that I work with. I would have never thought of it. She is great. I now have enough to last the rest of the school year! Thanks Lyndie!!

I also got plenty of cards and a bit of $$ to buy myself something new. I think I need a new bag for the summer! Thanks for everything and

Happy Birthday to me!

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Shannon said...

Glad you had a good birthday!