Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I was talking with my mom, brothers, and sis-in-law on Sunday while at my parents house for Mother's Day and somehow the conversation turns to my "disappointing" past. As we all know, 2 months after Lewis and I were married, Adam was born. Medical miracle? Maybe. Yeah, that's it.
Anyway... my mom says, "You better be grateful that your dad changed his way of thinking after you were born."
And I said, "Of course he couldn't send me away. It really doesn't matter what I did because after he met me he couldn't help but love me and accept me no matter what I do. In fact nobody can. If you meet me, you have to love me and you feel a need to be near me. I am so loved by everyone!" At this point my brother Sam makes a face at me, and I say, "Sam! You know it is true. Tell me right now that you do not love it when I am around. Tell me that I am not always fun and the life of the party." And he smiles and agrees.
Meanwhile my sis-in-law says, " Oh yes Kendra, it is all about you. It is always about you."
So I say, "Whatever. You guys know I love you."
So she says, "Yeah, yeah, we know. You love us."
Hmmmm.... do you think that she meant something by that? Do you think that she meant that I am self centered, naggy and rude? Do you think that she was saying that I love to be the center of attention, making the decisions and have everyone listening to me?

Well yes, yes I do.

On Mother's Day I was listening to the Glee Madonna disk while riding in the car with Lewis and the girls to go and see Babies at the movie theater. I must say that I could not think of a more wonderful way to spend the day. The movie was very cute. It followed 4 babies from different countries for the first year of their lives. (More about the movie in another post.) When it was over Haley immediately wanted to watch it again. Babies on Mother's Day, yeah. Good stuff.

What the hell Jazz? You almost make me want to not watch the rest of the season, no matter how short it might me. Wow! Down by 15? "Boo"zer.

There are only 18 more days in the school year. It can't come soon enough. I need the sun and some sleep which will come once summer is here. I think I can, I think I can. Right Natalie?


Diana Croshaw said...

I've learned that the only people that would say something like, "It's all about you" are the people that want it all to be about them. And the people I say that about, are the people I get annoyed with when they demand more attention than what I'm willing to work for. No worries!

And yes, 18 days CANNOT come soon enough!

Miss Kendra said...



But I guess my point of the whole "Bit" was me making fun of myself. All of those things that I wrote about me (naggy, rude and center of attention) I admit to being those things. I was poking fun at myself, and nothing else. I know who I am and I am fine with that. Like I told someone earlier today, either you really hate me or you really love me. Period.

But having said that (see Curb on HBO) I agree with what you said.

But having said that (again see Curb) I don't demand attention. I just like to be at the center of all things fun and nothing else.

Does any of that make sense?

Natalie said...

17 days ladies, 17 days now. Plus the last two don't even really count. Hell, the last week doesn't really count. Plus, this week is almost over.
So.... two more weeks?! That's much more doable.
Only, 17 more days is much more final for me than either of you two. Ha! Come visit me when we are poor.

Marlo Balmanno said...

I'm sorry that is what you took from the convo. I love that you are an independent thinker and have always done your own thing. I am sure that there are times when I want to be the center of attention we all go through that. I just am a loud person so it looks like I am crazier than most.
I love ya Girl! You know that.

Jessica Stark said...

I really love you! :) 16 more days ladies!! Wooohoooo!!!!

Diana Croshaw said...

Hey Kendra! Yes, what you said makes sense, and I didn't read your 'bit' as you complaining about what your sis-in-law said. The fact that you know who you are and are fine with that is the reason why I'm one of those people who love you! I sort of admitted in my comment that I'm one that loves to be the center of attention as well (I used to be much worse!)... and I'm naggy and rude also! Maybe that's why we get along!