Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am Lost

I seriously almost cried when I watched Lost tonight. I think that I have become attached to these characters and when someone dies it bothers me. (My only solace is that we did not see their faces when they parted under the water and maybe someone was saving them. I know, doubtful but maybe Sayid... he was already dead.)
I have so many theories that I don't even know which one I really believe anymore. I just need it to be done. I want to DVR the last episodes and watch them all at once. All of this waiting is killing me! And where is Desmond? I don't think that he is dead. Sayid proved that he still had some good in him when he took the bomb...

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CBalmanno said...

Sayid said Desmond was alive in the well. He told Jack that he (Jack) would need him and told him where to find Desmond. A lot happened there in those final 5 minutes, but I never thought about the possiblity that Sayid would be alive still and may have rescued Sun/Jin. I guess we'll find out more tonight!