Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tree Time!

First I wanted to say that this is a very fitting post for today. Even though I am writing this on the 13th it is set to come out on Christmas Day, so

Merry Christmas!!!

Our kids had the whole week of Thanksgiving off this year so we decided that would be the perfect time to get our Christmas tree. We went to cut our tree down at a local tree farm. It was a very fun excursion that everyone enjoyed... even the boys!
As you can see by the pictures it was a warm-ish day. The girls should have had a sweatshirt on but they were so excited that they were warm enough. 

Abi pulled Haley in the tree cart all the way down the hill. 

Once we had picked our tree the boys had to cut it down. Since it was still so warm and dry I was not going to get down and cut for a couple of reasons: spiders and snakes. Enough said.

Here the kids are just hanging around while Lewis was cutting:

And then Adam took a turn cutting:

And then Lewis again:

Yea! It finally came down. Lewis had a rash by the time we got home and had the tree in the stand. The tree has the sharpest needles that I have ever felt. Plus Lewis is allergic to a few types of trees, oops :)

Here it is all set up and decorated. We have much shorter ceilings in the family room in this house than we had in the last one so we had to get an 8' tree instead of a 12' one. I think it still looks good even though I couldn't fit all of the decorations on his tiny fat body.

Merry Christmas!!

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