Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beautiful Storm

The storm that brought my children their first snow/ice days of their lives was the most beautiful storm I have seen in years. We were lucky enough to be able to just sit in the house and watch.

The ice on the trees was first. It was magical.

Then the snow came. We had 7 inches during the first snow (Sunday into Monday) and then 6 more the second (Tuesday). In total we got more now over those two storms than they had here all last year. Crazy!

The kids had Monday and Tuesday off with a two hour delay on Wednesday. By Wednesday they were ready to go back, and Lewis and I were ready to have our routine back for work (we both work from home so we were working while trying to keep the two girls entertained the whole time, luckily they played outside for most of the time).

I hate the cold but I love the beautiful snow.

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