Friday, December 27, 2013


As most of you know we usually go out for Thanksgiving dinner. We started the tradition about 6 years ago when we had 4 kids that were 8 years old and younger. I made Thanksgiving at home, cooked for two days straight and then nobody wanted to eat anything. They didn't like the green stuff (green beans), the white stuff is thick (mashed potatoes), the brown stuff is wet (gravy), and the meat is on a bone (really?). After that I was done cooking for picky eaters for such a big meal and we decided that The Grand America in Salt Lake City was just what we needed. They have a great buffet for the adults with traditional Thanksgiving food, plus prime rib, crab legs, brunch items and anything else you might want on a fancy buffet. But what they also had was a children's buffet. They had chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, fruit, caramel apples, fresh veggies and ranch, and so much more. We went and dined in happiness for several years, that was until we moved across the country.
With the move came time to make a decision about where we were going to eat out Thanksgiving meal. It was decided that I was going to cook once more. I was apprehensive about making a meal again due to the disaster that came when I last made the Thanksgiving meal. ( I have made a whole turkey on occasion in the past few years, just not the whole Thanksgiving meal spread.)
So I decided to make it small and only make things that the kids were sure to enjoy. I made a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls, and pie. I also made sweet potatoes, but I let everyone know that they do not have to eat them, they were for me and Lewis only. Of course that made them want to try them and they all loved them.
So it did work out in the end. We had a great day. Quite at home by ourselves. Maybe we don;t have to eat out every Thanksgiving anymore. Maybe just every other year.

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