Saturday, December 21, 2013

Photo Shoot

Since I don't have a photographer here on the east coast I had to take the kids pictures this year for the Christmas card. I took the girls out first since they are more patient with pictures. We choose a cool Sunday morning at the end of November. The girls had a good time. We only took about 15 minutes. Of course with each "good" picture they took they wanted a "crazy" or "silly" picture too. Here are some of the "silly" ones.

*On a side note about our cards:
I let the kids choose their own clothes, hair, locations, and poses this year. I even let them choose the picture that went onto the card, for the sake of peace. I have never done that before, and might never let them do it again. Hopefully by next year I will know some more people in the area and I will have a professional take the photos.

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