Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Of The Positives

I have not said very much about our move and the way I feel and the experiences here in West Virginia. I am still not sure how I feel and I don't want to be really negative about life so I am going to try to focus on the positives.

At the beginning of September we took the girls to a farm about 10 minutes away from our house. At the farm you can pick apples, pick flowers to make a bouquet, do a corn maze, pick pumpkins, shop in the store, and cut your own Christmas tree. They also have a Fall Pumpkin Festival with haunted mazes, decorations, hot cider, activities, hay rides, and so much more. We went to get some apples and maybe pick flowers.

Lewis pulled into the parking lot and out of the whole lot he choose to park right next to the Port-A-Pot. Abi had to look inside so I got her showing us how clean she thought it was...

I am not sure why she is wearing a sweatshirt, it was warm and sunny. They have these pumpkin head guys everywhere. They all have different outfits.

They also have a pirate ship and train for the kids to play. On the pirate ship there was a "Titanic" scene that Haley thought was so hilarious!

They are getting a little bit too big to play on the kiddie toys but they still want to try. Here they are on the train:

More pumpkin heads:

After talking to the owner we decided to go back in a few weeks to pick apples. He said that the good ones are just starting to get ready and in about two weeks they will be perfect for the picking. The girls wanted to cut flowers so we decided to try that. They gave each of the girls a basket with scissors inside. They also received a butterfly net because in the flower garden there are hundreds of butterflies! Here is Abi trying to get one:

Here is Haley cutting a flower:

Here they are all done cutting flowers. They each got a bouquet to take home to put in their rooms. 

We had a great afternoon and I found a "positive" about my new home. There are so many farms here with so many fun outdoor activities for the kids to do and enjoy. Hopefully I will find more and more positives.

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