Sunday, September 22, 2013

Museum, Mall and Miles

Last Sunday we took the kids to the city and had a great day. Our first stop was lunch at a burger place called The Shake Shack. It was a recommendation that was right on. 
Our second stop was the Natural History Museum. Look who we found?

Mojito's ancestor maybe? They look exactly alike!

Here is Abi with a dinosaur. We only walked through the first floor because the museum is so big and we had other things that we wanted to do.

We left the museum and walked toward the Washington Monument. Haley wanted to "lift it up":

Of course Abi wanted a try as well:

We walked past the WWII but couldn't find Utah because half of it was under construction.

We took the shaded route under the trees all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. There was only one melt down from a 9 year old so we stopped for a few minutes and sat on a bench. Once she was ready to go we finished the walk and found some ducks sunning themselves:

Here is the crew at the bottom of the steps. The girls counted the steps on the way up and then again on the way down. They were promised $0.01 if they counted correctly. They got it right on the way down.

 The girls with our favorite president:

And the view from one side to the other: 

As you can see it was not very crowded at all. It was a sunny, warm but not hot day in DC. It was a fabulous Sunday.

After we looked around we walked back to the restaurant where we ate lunch because next door was The Spy Museum. We are going to go to the museum next time but we did hit the gift shop. Everyone was able to find something fun for their prize. 

Once we were done walking and got back to the car I told the kids how far they had walked. I was tracking us using the GPS in my phone all day. So it showed that they walked just over 6 miles not including the walking in the museum. They were surprised... and suddenly tired.

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