Monday, September 2, 2013

Girls Day Out

A few days before we moved I took a day with my sis-in-law, and my mom and we went to Park City for the day. We started the day by riding the tram up in the morning for a wonderful brunch. The view was gorgeous.

After brunch we went to paint. We took a class for two hours where the instructor gave us some briff instruction and then just let us go with the paint. Here they are getting started:

Here is my painting as I went through the steps:

The final products:

We had a great time. I would go back and do it 10 more times! It is so interesting how we are all given the same instructions and the same paint but we all ended up with totally different paintings.


Jessica Stark said...

Where is that!? I would love to do that next time I'm in Park City.

Miss Kendra said...

It is called The Paint Mixer.

It is on Main Street.