Sunday, September 8, 2013

Historic Harpers Ferry

Our first Sunday in West Virginia we took the kids to Historic Harpers Ferry. We rode the bus down to the town on the river and walked around. Since we went on a Sunday morning most of the stores were not open. We walked around for a while by the river then up the road by the shops. We stopped and went into a few places and then stopped for ice cream.

This cat was tied up outside the ice cream shop. Lewis told me to suck it up and just get a cone and enjoy it. I was having heart palpitations because I know that this is not a ServeSafe restaurant. But despite my better judgments I got the ice cream and sat down to eat. Once we were served the "cook" came out with a cigarette IN HIS MOUTH and picked up the cat. He played with the cat and then CARRIED THE CAT BACK INTO THE KITCHEN!!! I am just happy that I decided that we didn't need to eat lunch.

Lewis enjoyed his cone!

Luckily nobody got sick, but I am definitely not eating there again!

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