Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Birthday or Turning 39, Finally

I decided after turning 29 for 10 years in a row I would finally turn 39. I am very happy to be my age and I am loved by the wonderful children at school. I received these pictures and posters for my birthday.

I was also serenaded by a class and another whole class came down and told me Happy Birthday, one child at a time.

That night Lewis took me to dinner with some friends. I somehow managed to get zero gifts for my special day so I bought myself a brand new state of the art toothbrush. Clean teeth here I come :)


Jessica Stark said...

You are not 39!

Miss Kendra said...

The kids think I am 39 since I turned 29 ten times :) the kids may never know my real age :)

Jessica Stark said...

Oh cute! Haha